BiOD (Bio-Optical Detection)

Helping allergy sufferers

Bio Optical Detection (BiOD) develops optical Point of Care (PoC) devices. Its main objective is the development and commercialisation of high quality biosensing using advanced readout optical PoC platforms. A PoC device called EnviGuard is in use for ophthalmologic applications. Developed as an offshoot of the UPM start-ups programme, BiOD aims to alleviate one of society’s biggest healthcare challenges – the spread of allergies. A third of people are affected by allergies around the world, and BiOD’s solution could improve the life of hundreds of millions globally. The company’s versatile and collaborative methodology can be applied to other molecular diagnostics across life sciences.


Bio Optical Detection

Country: ES

Category: Startup

Nomination entity: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Partner University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Team members:

  • Miguel Holgado, Scientific lead partner.
  • Gernot Schloegl, Business development lead partner.
  • Juan Francisco Arquero, Commercial lead partner.

Mentor: Po Chi Wu